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XRP7724 Datasheet PDF

Part Series:XRP7724 Series
Category:Voltage Regulators
Description:Broadcast Equipment 4.75V to 25V 44Pin TQFN EP Bulk
Document:XRP7724ILBMTR-F Datasheet PDF (32 Pages)

XRP7724 Voltage Regulators Datasheet PDF

XRP7724 Datasheet PDF Voltage Regulators

16 Pages

XRP7724ILB-F - Exar Corporation Specifications

Mounting Style
Surface Mount
1.23 MHz
Number of Pins
44 Pin
Supply Voltage (DC)
5.00V (min)
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XRP7724ILB-F - Exar Corporation Function Overview

The XRP7724ILB-F is a 4-channel digital pulse width modulated (DPWM) step down Buck Controller allows for single supply operation from standard power rails. With integrated FET gate drivers, two LDOs for standby power and a 105kHz to 1.23MHz independent channel to channel programmable constant operating frequency, the XRP7724 reduces overall component count and solution footprint and optimizes conversion efficiencies. A selectable digital pulse frequency mode (DPFM) capable of better than 80% efficiency at light current load and low operating current allow for portable and Energy Star compliant applications. Each XRP7724 output channel is individually programmable as low as 0.6V with a resolution as fine as 2.5mV and configurable for precise soft start and soft stop sequencing, including delay and ramp control. Built-in independent output over voltage, over temperature, over-current and under voltage lockout protections insure safe operation under abnormal operating conditions.
Patented digital PFM with ultrasonic mode
Patented over sampling feedback
Integrated MOSFET drivers
Programmable 5 coefficient PID control
Full start/stop sequencing support
Built-in thermal, over-current, UVLO and output over-voltage protections
On board non-volatile memory
Supported by PowerArchitect™
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