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AD623 Pinout Diagram

Part Series:AD623 Series
Category:Instrumentation Amplifiers
Description:ANALOG DEVICES AD623ARZ. Instrument Amplifier, 1 Amplifier, 200V, 0.3V/s, 800kHz, 2.7V to 12V, 2.5V to 6V, SOIC
Document:AD623ARMZ-REEL Datasheet PDF (28 Pages)

AD623ARZ - ADI Specifications

Mounting Style
Surface Mount
Number of Pins
8 Pin
Supply Voltage (DC)
1.30 V
Supply Current
375 µA
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AD623ARZ - ADI Function Overview

The AD623ARZ is a Single-supply Rail-to-rail Instrumentation Amplifier that delivers rail-to-rail output swing on a 3 to 12V supply. The AD623 offers superior user flexibility by allowing single gain set resistor programming and by conforming to the 8-lead industry standard pinout configuration. With no external resistor, it is configured for unity gain (G = 1) and with an external resistor, it can be programmed for gains up to 1000. The AD623 holds errors to a minimum by providing superior AC CMRR that increases with increasing gain. Line noise as well as line harmonics are rejected because the CMRR remains constant up to 200Hz. The amplifier has a wide input common mode range and can amplify signals that have a common mode voltage 150mV below ground. Although the design of AD623 was optimized to operate from a single supply, it still provides superior performance when operated from a dual voltage supply (±2.5 to ±6.0V).
Easy to use
Higher performance than discrete design
Single-supply and dual-supply operation
Gain set with one external resistor
High accuracy DC performance
0.10% Gain accuracy (G = 1)
0.35% Gain accuracy (G > 1)
800kHz Bandwidth (G = 1)
20µs Settling time to 0.01% (G = 10)
ESD sensitive device, take proper precaution while handling the device.
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